Spell Check for Microsoft Office

Seamlessly add Spellex Industry Spell Checkers to any Microsoft or Corel application.
Spell Check for your Web site

Add a spelling engine to your Web site or Web server. HTML Applet, Java, ActiveX, .NET, ASP Web server and more.
Spell Check for your Custom Application

Add a spelling engine to your custom application or program. Source Code, Windows DLL, Java, ActiveX, .NET, Web server and more.
Spell Check for Outlook Express

Add a comprehensive spell checker to Microsoft Outlook Express and MSN Explorer.
Spell Check for Other Windows Applications

Use your spell checker anywhere: OpenOffice, WordPad, Firefox, Instant Messaging and more.
Free Online Medical Speller

Look up the correct spelling of more than 300,000 words from the fields of medicine and pharmacology.
Still not sure which spell checker you need?

Spellex offers a wide array of spell checkers for your Web site, Custom Application, Office Suite, and most Windows applications.

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