Turn your basic English spell checker into a bioscience word expert with Spellex BioScientific… the world's first bioscientific spell checker.

Spellex BioScientific works inside your spell checker so there is nothing new to learn. No manuals to read, no new commands, and no more embarrassing bioscience spelling errors.

View the specialties covered:

    Now compatible with MS Office 365, 2013, and WordPerfect X6!
    Includes US, UK, AU, and CA English spelling files.

  • From Agronomy to Zygote research, quickly and easily spell check more than 130,000 biotechnical terms such as deliquescent, magnetophoresis opiomelanocortin, Rhabdoviridae, and zeugmatography right inside your spell checker.
  • Spellex BioScientific covers more than 70 different scientific, engineering, and bioscience fields including agronomy, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, ecology molecular and genetic biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, taxonomy, toxicology, and pharmacology, to name a few.
  • Encompasses new and standard terminology for biochemical substances, compounds, structures, activities, concepts, and processes.
  • Incorporates the new field of bioinformatics, consisting of structure analysis; sequence analysis; primary, composite, and secondary databases; and information networks.
  • Spellex BioScientific even covers key concepts in biomedical engineering transport phenomena emphasizing terminology from chemical and physical transport processes with applications towards the development of drug delivery systems, artificial organs, bioartificial organs, and tissue engineering.
  • Includes SI prefixes and SI base units including ampere, candela, kelvin, kilogram, metre, and mole, as well as SI derived units, and SI supplementary units.
  • Includes hundreds of pertinent abbreviations and acronyms, as well as organizations that are useful to biochemical and molecular biologists. Covers the correct spelling of the names of relevant Nobel Laureates and eponyms in the biotechnology field as well as internationally recommended biochemical nomenclature and alternative names for biochemical compounds.
  • This comprehensive biotechnology speller also encompasses medically and biotechnologically relevant organisms such as bacteria, worms, fungi, and thousands of plants.
  • Includes a comprehensive listing of mammals of the world containing the names of the 4,000 currently recognized species of mammals in a taxonomic hierarchy that includes order, family, subfamily, and genus.
  • Allows you to look up biotechnology terms you are unsure of while inside your spell checker without exiting your program.
  • Quarterly software updates available through the Spell-X-Plus subscription service to keep you up to date with the newest words in bioscience.
  • Spellex BioScientific can be combined with other Spellex spell checkers such as Spellex Medical, Spellex Veterinary, Spellex Legal, Spellex Dental, Spellex Botanical, and Spellex Geographical for spell checking of multiple specialties.
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  • Still not convinced? Read what some of our customers say about Spellex BioScientific Speller.

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