Empowering Through Assistive Technology

Proven solutions for improving writing, spelling, reading comprehension, and focus! 

Spellex software promotes academic and professional success while also improving literacy in the classroom and workplace!

What We Offer

Find the perfect combination of features to suit your individual needs for work or school.

Assistive Technology

AT Solutions to help neurodiverse individuals with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Speech Vocabularies

Advanced speech recognition with a constantly updated list of words takes the guesswork out of spelling for you.

Industry Spell Checkers

Industry specific vocabularies are here to help with difficult spellings of words in areas such as medical, legal, and engineering.

Dyslexia Type Fonts

A handmade font scientifically proven to ease struggles with reading and writing. 

Handheld Spell Checkers

Whether in the field or in an exam, these spell checkers assist in numerous ways.

Mobile and Web Spelling

Spell checkers designed specifically for web integration, phones, and tablets.

Our Most Popular

Assistive Technology Products

Equipping students and industry professionals with the right assistive technology software solutions can make the difference between excelling or failing in the classroom or workplace.

Here are just a few of our most popular solutions!

What People Are Saying

“As a sole practitioner, I rely heavily on technology… Spellex Legal is a superb enhancement to WordPerfect’s more general spelling checker. The program provides an excellent alternative for looking up words in Black’s Law Dictionary.”

Jeffrey Shibley, Attorney

“Spellex Write-Assist helps learners of all ages independently access complex text which increases the inclusive learning environment for collaborative tasks.”

Rebecca Carlson, LTD-C

“On e of the best benefits of this [Spellex] program is the spelling report feature which allows dyslexics to learn which words they are frequently misspelling.”

Shannon Ramos, Disability Case Manager

Elevate Your Productivity and Learning

Spellex tools are specifically designed to improve work efficiency and word retention. Additionally, users find increased focus!