Spellex DysLex Font

People with dyslexia may have difficulty matching letters to sounds, spelling words, focusing, and remembering instructions or sequences. That’s where Spellex can help!

Spellex DysLex Font is a font solution that helps individuals improve their writing, spelling, reading comprehension, and focus!

What Sets This Font Apart?

Add this research supported font to improve reading in a number of ways

Additional benefits include visual familiarity, character uniqueness, and ascenders and descenders.

Bottom-Weighted Characters

Additional font thickness on the bottom prevents characters from being inverted, reversed, flipped, disordered, and jumbled.

Increased Character Spacing

Improves readability of words by making characters more easily distinguishable. 

Increased Character Size

Heightens distinguishing font attributes, readability, and comprehension. 


Adjusted spacing between character pairs for improved visual appeal and readability.

Character Clarity

Individual characters are designed to rigid specifications ensuring highest typeface clarity.

Punctuation Boldness

Easily differentiates character break points without seeing them as conjoined. 

“It paid for itself in time savings within the first two weeks, I’d recommend it to anyone needing accuracy AND speed!” 

L. Moore, VA Hospital

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