We are passionate about technology but even more passionate about service.

Spellex is committed to being the world leader in spell checking, dictation, and assistive technology software solutions by delivering innovative products and providing world-class service to our customers.

Assistive Technology

Superior products, constant innovation, and quality commitment have kept Spellex in the forefront of its field for 30 years.

Spellex Corporation is a world leader in assistive technology (AT) software solutions designed to improve the literacy of individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and autism spectrum disorders relating to written communications.

Specialty Industry Dictionaries

Our Industry Vocabularies are relied on by millions of users world-wide in industries ranging from Education to Law to Science to Healthcare.

The Specialty Language Division supports individuals, corporations, educational institutions, and government operations in fields requiring complex terminology. 

Education is in Our Blood

Since the founding of Spellex, our company has enabled hundreds of thousands of learning-disabled students and industry professionals to improve writing skills and literacy through enhanced learning and academic achievement.

Over 2,000,000 Users Worldwide Use Spellex

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At Spellex, we are focused on helping our customers achieve success with superior products, innovation, and total quality commitment. As part of that commitment, we have developed several successful partnerships with industry leading organizations across the globe.


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