Spellex Write-Assist for Microsoft Office

People with dyslexia may have difficulty matching letters to sounds, spelling words, focusing, and remembering instructions or sequences. That’s where Spellex can help!

Write-Assist is a complete solution that helps individuals improve their writing, spelling, reading comprehension, and focus!

A Complete AT Solution!

With Spellex Write-Assist, students and professionals can:

  • Comprehend Better
  • Perform Faster
  • Work More Efficiently
  • Think More Clearly


Specific to Your Region! 
All Spellex versions include British, American, Australian, and Canadian English spelling files.

Spelling Reports

Spell check reporting that allows users to track and improve their spelling

Dyslexic Font

Custom type font for that was designed specifically for individuals with dyslexia

Definitions and Pronunciations

Hear the definition and pronunciation read aloud within your document without leaving your application

Customized Backgrounds

Clinically tested background colors to improve readability for dyslexics


Features built in text-to-speech so users can both hear and see words and sentences

Screen Magnification

Magnifying reading ruler to improve focus and enlarge text for low-vision users

Advanced Spelling

Features advanced dyslexic spelling enhancement for Microsoft with over 130,000 English terms.

Vocabulary Enhancement

Dragon vocabulary enhancement for more accurate dictation with over 130,000 English terms

A Complete Assistive Technology Solution!

With Spellex Write-Assist you’ll also receive definitions and pronunciations, spelling error reports, screen magnification, text-to-speech, and more!

Spell Check Error Reports

Run spell check reports on industry-specific and general vocabulary:

The spelling error report assists in learning words that are frequently misspelled to improve focus, accuracy, confidence, and efficiency. 

Definitions and Pronunciations

A function of both the dictionary and text-to-speech 

The comprehensive industry definitions dictionary includes pronunciations. Additionally, the Text-to-Speech option provides clear pronunciation.

Built in Text-to-Speech

Text-to-speech works for any selection size

Whether pronunciation is needed on a single word or a document, Text-to-Speech will be error free and easy to hear.