Spellex Write-Assist

Spellex Write-Assist for Chrome is a complete assistive technology literacy toolbar that helps improve reading, writing, and speech comprehension within MS Office or on the Web while using Google Chrome! 

A complete Web-based and/or desktop assistive technology solution with spelling, speech recognition, text-to-speech, note taking, screen masking, PDF and OCR tools, audio notes, grammar checking, definitions, and more in one convenient AT software bundle!

**New and Improved for 2023**

Spellex Write-Assist supports both American and British English vocabularies. With this all-in-one Assistive Technology Toolbar, you’ll receive the following features and benefits in one easy-to-use bundle!

Definitions and Pronunciations

Displays the definition and etymology of the word highlighted.

Helps improve literacy comprehension by learning the meaning of words and how to use them in a sentence. Users can hear the correct pronunciation of the word with a single click.

Word Prediction

Improve typing efficiency and spelling.

Great for motor skill issues to limit the amount of keystrokes, allowing time to focus on thoughts, and practicing the breakdown of words.*


Become more productive and efficient with writing comprehension and thought flow.

Improve word recognition, comprehension, and memory function by having text read back to you. Options like speech customization allow you to select a speech and voice that most suits your learning needs.


Provides seamless dictation in any text area to assist with hands free typing.

Accurately dictate your thoughts and ideas for improved productivity. Included industry vocabularies assist with higher education needs and in the workplace.

Spelling and Grammar

Advanced Spelling and Grammar check eliminates mistakes and improves efficiency.

Designed to support those with dyslexia and other learning struggles. Course specific vocabularies are included to cover complex studies and professions.

Picture Dictionary

Supports word association and improved comprehension by displaying the meaning of a word through a picture.

Supports word association and improved comprehension. Maintain the flow of your writing with minimal distractions.*

Simplified Note Taking

Seamlessly organize and structure your note taking by highlighting any text by color.

Notes can be extracted and organized by color coding to avoid confusion and help with thought flow.*

Reading Zoom Ruler

Designed for distraction free reading.

Zoom and display limited amounts of material for focused reading comprehension and minimized distractions.

Quick Search

Conveniently browse terms or phrases without losing your place.

Highlight any word or phrase for an instant internet search all without leaving your current browser window or tab.

Translation Tools

Quickly translate any text from English to Spanish, French or German in real-time.

Great tool for English as a second language (ESL, EFL, ESOL, ELL, ESP) users.*

OCR or Optical Character Recognition

Accurately convert text from images, PDFs, and more! 

Have the extracted text read back to you for improved comprehension.*


Spellex DysLex Font

Special type font designed specifically for individuals with dyslexia!

Improves readability of words by making characters more easily distinguishable.

Ready to see Spellex Write-Assist in Action?

*Please Note: Some premium AT features of Spellex Write-Assist are only available with Google Chrome or Web Browser versions.