Spellex MacMedica – Medical


Enhanced medical spelling solution for Word for Mac and MS Office for Mac


Spellex MacMedica – Medical edition is a handy all-purpose medical spell checker that lets you quickly check the spelling of thousands of medical words while inside Word for Mac and MS Office for Mac tools you have become accustomed to.


  • Includes thousands of critically important terms from medical, surgical, chemistry, and laboratory terminology.
  • Covers 35 medical specialties including: anesthesiology, biology, cardiology, hematology, immunology, internal medicine, neurology, nursing, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, toxicology, urology, and more!
  • Includes medical procedures, diseases, surgical terms, genetic research, medical slang, thousands of drug names, brief word forms, and medical devices, as well as AIDS diseases and treatments.
  • Also includes hundreds of acronyms, abbreviations, eponyms, Greek terminology as well as terms with diacritical markings and other specialized characters.


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