Spellex Write-Assist

for Chrome Browsers

Spellex Write-Assist for Chrome is a complete assistive technology literacy toolbar to help improve reading, writing, and speech comprehension on the Web!

A complete Web-based assistive technology solution with spelling, speech recognition, text-to-speech, note taking, screen masking, PDF and OCR tools, audio notes, grammar checking, definitions, and more in one convenient AT software bundle!

A Complete Online AT Solution!

With Spellex Write-Assist for Chrome, students and professionals can:

  • Comprehend Better
  • Perform Faster
  • Work More Efficiently
  • Think More Clearly


Specific to Your Region! 
Includes British or American English spelling dictionaries and vocabularies.

Spelling Reports

Advanced Spell Checking and reports to teach spelling improvement!

Dyslexic Font

Change any Web page text to our custom type font for that was designed specifically for individuals with dyslexia!

Definitions and Pronunciations

Hear the definition and pronunciation read aloud within your document without leaving your browser!

Instant Language Translation

Ability to highlight and translate words or paragraphs in Spanish, German, or French!


Text-to-speech offers human voice read back of any text that can be highlighted!

Screen Magnification

Zoom reading ruler to allow improved reading comprehension by focusing in on only the selected text!


Speech-to-text to allow for voice dictation across multiple web pages, forms, documents, social media, e-mail, and more! 

Course Specific Vocabularies

Specialized vocabularies for healthcare, law, biosciences, veterinary studies, and more!