Spellex Dictation: Medical for Dyslexia


Medical vocabulary enhancement for Dragon™!

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Spellex Dictation: Medical edition for Dyslexia combines the power of medical spell checking with comprehensive pharmaceutical coverage. The medical edition provides students and professionals with the speech support they need by adding complex terminology enhancing your dictation software with the correct spelling for thousands of medical and pharmaceutical words. Never struggle again with your dictation software transcribing incorrect medical terms!
Spellex Dictation: Medical edition for Dyslexia also includes Spellex MedXpandTM, our new text expander tool which can help increase accuracy and productivity.
As an added bonus, you’ll also receive DysLex, our new and innovative font that was created specifically for people with dyslexia! Every letter in the DysLex character set is stylishly designed with attributes that eliminate or greatly reduce the difficulty in character interpretation.
Windows: Dragon Professional Individual, v15 and below
Mac: Dragon Professional Individual v6 and below
Attention Dragon Dictate 4 Users: If you are using Dragon Dictate 4 for Macintosh, you must update your software to version 4.04 prior to installing Spellex. To install the free update, click on Dictate and then Check for Updates.
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Microsoft Office is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

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