Spellex Medical Keyboard & Spell Checker Help

Getting Started!

Once you’ve installed the Spellex App, you will need to add the Keyboard.

1. To do this, go to “Settings” on your iOS Device

2. Scroll Down and click “General

3. On the next screen, select “Keyboard

4. From here, choose “Keyboards” and “Add New Keyboard

5. Select the “Spellex Medical Keyboard” and Add it!

6. Scroll Down to find out how to use the keyboard when typing.

Using the Spellex Medical Keyboard while Typing.

The Spellex Keyboard is a global keyboard and accessible on most iOS apps where typing is required.

To use the keyboard…

1. When typing, select and hold the “Globe Icon” in the bottom left of your native iOS Keyboard.

2. Select the “Spellex Medical Keyboard” from the list of available keyboards.

3. You will see your keyboard buttons turn blue, which means the Spellex Keyboard is now active! 

US or UK Spellings

The Spellex Medical Keyboard can spell check medical and pharmaceutical words in either US or UK English. It defaults to US Spellings, however, you can easily change to UK Spellings in the app settings. 

Examples of US vs UK Spellings

anesthesia vs anaesthesia
disulfide vs disulphide
gynecology vs gynaecology
hemorrhoid vs haemorrhoid 
pediatrician vs paediatrician
leukemia vs leukaemia
menorrhea vs menorrhoea

Watch this video to see how to add and use the Spellex Medical Keyboard on your iOS Device!

Spellex Medical Keyboard Settings


Automatically capitalize the first word of each new sentence.


Automatically correct the words according to the best matched suggestion by the Spellex Medical Dictionary. If words are not in dictionary it will assign “ing” and “s” for the word you typed. 


Works in the same manner as as native iOS keyboard. If you double tap on caps button, it will be enabled when this setting is switched on.


Predict the words from the Spellex Medical Dictionary and offer the three most suitable suggestions based on the word you typed. Suggestions will be shown in the suggestion bar and you can tap to replace words as needed. (On By Default)

Spell Check

Very similar to other spell checkers you’ve become accustomed to. If an incorrect word is detected, it will be underlined in red. Simply click the “S” button in the suggestion bar to see the best possible match from the Spellex Medical Keyboard. (On By Default)

US or UK Dictionary

Tens of thousands of general and specialised words differ in spelling between the US English language and the UK English language. Select your preferred English language for localized (localised) medical spellings. (Set to US Spellings By Default)

Watch this quick video to see the Spellex Medical Keyboard and Spell Checker in action!

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