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Legal vocabulary enhancement for Dragon™!

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Spellex Dictation: Legal edition offers an affordable solution for enhancing Dragon NaturallySpeaking with thousands of legal terms!
Basic speech recognition programs like Dragon NaturallySpeaking come standard with only basic English vocabulary terms. The Spellex Dictation: Legal edition quickly and easily enhances dictation software with thousands of law words vital in the legal industry!
Legal professionals in the field including lawyers specializing in malpractice law, estate law, corporate law, and many more all rely on Spellex Dictation to avoid errors when using their favorite speech recognition software!
Windows: Dragon Professional Individual, v15 and below
Mac: Dragon Professional Individual v6 and below
Dragon Anywhere
Attention Dragon Dictate 4 Users: If you are using Dragon Dictate 4 for Macintosh, you must update your software to version 4.04 prior to installing Spellex.  To install the free update, click on Dictate and then Check for Updates.
Dragon Naturally Speaking is a registered trademark of Nuance Communications, Inc.
Microsoft Office is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

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