Spellex Medical Upgrade for MS Office and Google Chrome


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New Version for 2021! Best Value!
Spellex Medical 2021 for MS Office and Spellex Write-Assist Medical for Chrome and Other Web browsers in one convenient bundle! Upgrade includes thousands of new medical and pharmaceutical terms and the latest compatibility to Windows, MS Office, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and More!
  • Advanced Medical Spell Checking and reports to teach spelling improvement!
  • Word prediction to support typing efficiency!
  • Speech-to-text to allow for voice dictation across the web!
  • Text-to-speech offers human voice read back of any text that can be highlighted!
  • Ability to highlight notes by color and extract!
  • Zoom reading ruler to allow improved reading comprehension by focusing in on only the selected text!
  • Grammar and definition support!
  • Specialized vocabularies for healthcare, law, biosciences, veterinary studies, and more!
  • Picture dictionary to aid with word comprehension!
  • Collaborative audio notes in Google Docs!
  • PDF support which includes built-in OCR support!
  • Ability to highlight and translate words or paragraphs in Spanish, German, or French!
  • Quick search features to support research and distraction-free studies!
Includes US, UK, AU, and CA English spelling files.
*Requires a previous version license of Spellex.

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