Spellex MacMedica – Scientific


Advanced scientific terms spell checker for Mac Office

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Spellex MacMedica – Scientific edition is a handy all-purpose scientific spell checker that lets you quickly check the spelling of thousands of bioscience and technical words while inside Mac Office.


  • Covers more than 35 different bioscience fields including agronomy, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biophysics, ecology molecular and genetic biology, microbiology, organic chemistry, taxonomy, toxicology, and pharmacology, to name a few.
  • Includes terms from astronomy, anatomy, acoustics, architecture, biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, communications, computer science, ecology, electronics, engineering, geology, hydrology, industrial engineering, mapping, mathematics, mechanical engineering, mineralogy, physics, physiology, science and technology, statistics, thermodynamics, virology, zoology, and many more.
  • Includes hundreds of abbreviations and acronyms common in technical disciplines as well as professional degrees and organizations.


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