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Spellex Universal Spell Checker is a unique English spell check tool that works almost anywhere to make you more accurate and productive. It gives you the ability to spell check in programs that do not include a spell checking tool.
Our Universal Spell Checker can be used on Important Documents, Web Sites, E-mails, Blogs, Posts, Tweets, Status Updates, or even in programs that don’t currently have a spell checker.
Languages supported include: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, English (US and UK), Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (Iberian), Spanish, and Swedish.
* Spellex Universal Spell Checker may not be suitable for Windows programs which already contain an internal spell checker or provide formatted text.

4 reviews for Universal English Spell Checker

  1. William Huff

    I can’t afford a program suite like Microsoft Office so I still use WordPad. Spellex-Anywhere always spots my spelling mistakes. Love how easy it is to use.

  2. Valerie Page

    I love all the languages that Spellex-Anywhere includes. Comes in very handy when I have to contact business partners in Latin America.

  3. Henry Blackburn

    I needed a program that could work in multiple programs and I found Spellex. This is a great program for the money and works in the programs I need. I also liked the fact that I could try the program before I bought it. This really put my mind to ease that the program would work for my needs.

  4. Paul Blake

    Good program for all around spell checking. I just use my F11 key to start it!

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