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People with dyslexia may have difficulty matching letters to sounds, spelling words, focusing, and remembering instructions or sequences. That’s where Spellex can help. Spellex Write-Assist for Chrome is a versatile literacy toolbar to assist in reading, writing, and speech comprehension for personal, student, and professional use.
Support your reading, writing, and speech comprehension with the following features:


  • Advanced Spell Checking and reports to teach spelling improvement!
  • Word prediction to support typing efficiency!
  • Speech-to-text to allow for voice dictation across the web!
  • Text-to-speech offers human voice read back of any text that can be highlighted!
  • Ability to highlight notes by color and extract!
  • Zoom reading ruler to allow improved reading comprehension by focusing in on only the selected text!
  • Grammar and definition support!
  • Specialized vocabularies for healthcare, law, biosciences, veterinary studies, and more!
  • Picture dictionary to aid with word comprehension!
  • Collaborative audio notes in Google Docs!
  • PDF support which includes built-in OCR support!
  • Ability to highlight and translate words or paragraphs in Spanish, German, or French!
  • Quick search features to support research and distraction-free studies!



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